Review of Kung Fu Panda 3

Running Time : 95 minutes

Its hard to say the same story over and over again, but then we in India are used to this since time immemorial.

As in the previous movies in the series evil rises and threatens to destroy the masters of Kung Fu, how our hero stops the evil and what he learns from it forms the crust of the film.

But the movie is amazingly animated, brilliantly written and beautifully executed. The chemistry between the lead characters is ever evolving and it gives you the sense of time elapsing between the movies. Jack Black as Po keeps you in splits with the way he delivers his lines and the makers have used his comedic timing perfectly.

Since I saw the movie in a special preview, the audience was entirely adults and they enjoyed this animation spectacle as much as they would enjoyed a movie like Deadpool and that should give you an idea on how good the movie is.

Hans Zimmer’s music gives¬†the comedic action its own flavour and it helps you get engaged with the movie so much more. *Spoiler Alert* The song “Everybody is Kung fu Fighting” is back and with such a different tune.

Director Jennifer Yuh Nelson who directed the prequel returns along with Alessandro Carloni. Writers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger too return for the movie joined by Guillermo Del Toro as the executive producer.

The movie is a must watch in 3D as there are details that you just wont notice otherwise.

Go for a movie with no expectations and you will surely have a really good time.

I wont go to an extent to call it must watch but would recommend you NOT TO MISS IT.